Product Questions

  • How many switches are in one quantity? Is the price per switch?

    No the price is not per switch, switches are sold in quantities of 10. Each 1x quantity = 10 switches in general, the product pages will state how many come in each quantity.
  • How much lube do I need for my switches?

    One 5mL quantity of any lubricant is good for around 300-400 switches, assuming that it's being done correctly. When lubing switches, only a very thin layer is needed, be careful not to apply too much. If you are new to the hobby, then please look up tutorials on YouTube or ask for help in our ...
  • What kind of stabilizers do I need?

    Plate-Mounted Stabilizer Info Almost any kind of mass produced, off-the-shelf board* is going to use plate-mounted stabilizers. Keyboards such as the Drop Alt, GK61, RK61, Keychron,  etc. will use plate-mounted stabilizers. For plate mounts, the Durock or Joininkeys plate-mounted stabilizer kit...