What kind of stabilizers do I need?

Plate-Mounted Stabilizer Info

Almost any kind of mass produced, off-the-shelf board* is going to use plate-mounted stabilizers. Keyboards such as the Drop Alt, GK61, RK61, Keychron,  etc. will use plate-mounted stabilizers.

For plate mounts, the Durock or Joininkeys plate-mounted stabilizer kits will be what you need. Each kit is good for up to a TKL sized board, anything larger will require more stabilizers so be sure to figure out how many you need.

PCB Screw-in Stabilizer Info

For almost any DIY keyboard that you would get from a group buy, that is more bespoke and higher end than a mass produced board, it's most likely going to be using PCB screw-in stabilizers.

For these, we recommend the Durock V2 or Tecsee PCB screw-in stabilizer kits.

*The GMMK Pro is one of the few mass produced boards that uses PCB screw-in stabilizers. As always, please be sure to check with your manufacturer before purchasing if you are not sure what kind of stabilizers you need

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